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The Humbugs

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The Anti-Christmas Movement - stick it to the man!!
Would you like to join me in the creation of a new subculture?

We shall be known as the Humbugs. The highlight of the Humbug calender shall be 25th December ... Xmyth. We will gather together to participate in such activities as bauble-smashing* and elf-throwing. We will wear black with white stripes. Or white with black stripes (or, really, any colour of stripes ... cos we don't all like black & white), take your pick. We will wear black Santa-hats with the words "Bah Humbug" on them. We will refuse to give gifts at this time of year, but instead will endeavour to give gifts - preferably creative or non-material - throughout the year to those we wish to.
We will oppose the yearly eco-unfriendliness of Xmas cards, Xmas wrapping, Xmas gift packaging and tacky plastic horrible decorations.
We will oppose the yearly mass slaughter of turkeys and cutting down of evergreens.
We will be against one religion forcing itself on ALL inhabitants of the country, whether we believe in that religion or not. (disclaimer: We are NOT anti-Christian. See below.)
We will strongly oppose the yearly brainwashing of our children by the establishment, teaching them that greed, selfishness and acquisition are acceptable ... and indeed desirable.

But Humbug is not just for Xmyth. We will, throughout the entire year, wear our stripes and show our disdain for all things commercial and eco-unfriendly. And we will campaign against the way our lives and laws are shaped by one religion. And we will teach children that GIVING and GENEROSITY are desirable traits. And that being generous does NOT necessarily mean giving money or material things. We will practice this ourselves. We will freely give our time, talents, energy and creativity ... when we want and to whom we want! And if we need it all for ourselves for a while, then that is fine too. No pressure.

There will of course be associated music. It will be music that is good to smash baubles to. The lyrics will be anti-lots-of-things. It can be any style, really, to appeal to all tastes. There will be Humbug-punk, Humbug-folk, Humbug-metal, Humbug-techno and Humbug-lots-of-things! So long as we can smash baubles to it, it's fine! There will also be the more insightful, intelligent songs to remind us of why we are Humbugs! But they will all end with a good upbeat bauble-smashing final chorus!

I would like for us to organise an Xmyth event for 2008.

It will be fun. Who's with me?

*All bauble-smashing debris will of course be recycled! The smashing of them is just the start of the process of re-using the material for something USEFUL!


When you join, please post an entry to introduce yourself and tell us why you are opposed to the madness that abounds in December!!

Respect each other!! That covers most things you would usually find in a long list of rules, I think.

Please be aware that this is an all ages community and if you do post anything with mature or offensive content, it should be behind a cut with a warning. We don't want to be getting into trouble!

Promoting your own/other communities or websites is fine in moderation, so long as they are relevant.

Most importantly ... have fun, make friends, post often and stick it to the man!!



We are NOT, as a group, anti-Christian.
We do, however, object to other's beliefs imposing on our lives.
I am sure that most Christians would agree that it is SIMPLY AWFUL that one of their festivals has become this extravaganza of selfishness and greed.

Let the Christians have their festival back and let them celebrate it in a traditional, non-materialistic way that actually has something to do with their beliefs...