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Just wanted to say BAH HUMBUG! to Valentines Day.

That is all. Bye-bye. :-)

Humbuggery, in no particular order.


  • It leeches the energy from your body, mind and spirit, not to mention the money from your purse.

  • It is bad for the environment - all those cards and sheets of wrapping paper that never get recycled. All those extra lights. All the wasted gifts. Well, I guess the cards make decent roach material.....

  • It's lasts too long. Perhaps we ought to rename December?

  • It breeds crime with being a prime time to sell knock-off goods in order for poorer people to get the latest thing for their kids who don't understand that their parents aren't rich. And, of course, there is the rise in burglaries because most people have loads of new gear in big quantities sitting in their homes.

  • It leaves the poor so much poorer, the rich richer and somewhere in between there's a huge pile of debt.

  • You have to pretend to like people you normally wouldn't give the time of day and feel patronised because you know these people feel the same.

  • Everyone who has family is normally forced to spend time with them whether they get on with them or not.

  • Being single, it sucks. The rest of the year you couldn't care less but because the season is meant to be all about the love, and everywhere you look it's all couples...It stings like hell.

  • People chasing you about with mistletoe and trying to suppress the feelings of revulsion when they finally catch you unaware.

  • Being given piles of useless crap that you feel obligated to keep and would be too embarrassed to pass on or Ebay. If the thought is what counts, a thought would do.

  • Trying to get from A to B through all the shoppers and pick-pockets. You have to add extra time to get anywhere.

  • Depression, all the spiralling debt and fake cheer can take it's toll, especially on the lonely. It's not always possible for people to force themselves to be happy when they don't really feel it.

  • Music. I like it. But I get sick to death of having to listen to the same old tunes replayed and rehashed to death. It's a bit like some of our goth clubs, except this "festive" music is EVERYWHERE, there is no escape apart from having your trusty MP3 player on hand wherever you go, even while you're watching telly.

  • Drunk people. They are everywhere, all the time, but they are out in force at this time of year. Office party anyone?

Love Sucks and Screw Christmas!

Found this wee song on YouTube. Sing along!! :-)

Bah Humbug!

Hello, fellow Humbugs!

How are you surviving the silly season this year?

I've been saying for years that I want to create some sort of visible anti-Christmas presence. Well, OK, not so much merely anti-Xmas as anti all-the-things-that-go-along-with-it. It's just that all those things are far more prevalent at this time of year and so it's the ideal time to protest again them.

It's too late to do anything this year but maybe we can do something next year?

So spread the word and let's have some anti-Xmas FUN!! (cos, let's face it, Xmas certainly isn't a lot of fun ... stress, stress, stress!!!)

And remember! Humbug is not just for Xmyth!!


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